You get
lifetime access to the content and group
The video above gives you a look inside the private membership space

When you sign up you get instant access to the welcome video and orientation module in our bespoke and carefully curated membership space. A new module will get released weekly.

The content inside this program is deep and rich and I want you to have all the time you need to work in your own rhythm and space. Therefore once you are in with us, you will be in for life. This means that you can start now with your project and reconnect whenever you need.

Overview of
the 10 modules you get in our private membership area
Get started


You will be able to start right away when you sign up. As soon as you join us you will get your first worksheet to set you up for success, support you in planning your time during our 10 week journey and all the info on the prework you need to get done.

Soulful business foundation

In this module, you explore and dive deep to discover who you are, how you desire to be seen and define what your business stands for.
Lots of creative work will set us up on our journey together from collecting visual inspiration, defining colors, discovering core values to having a clear idea of how your ideal day looks (and feels) like.

Brand clarity


More work on the emotional and visual part of your website. In this module, you will define your why and vision, draft your tagline, learn about fonts, create a simple written logo design and get feedback on wherever you need some input or an outside perspective.

Website basics


In this module, we will get started with the setup and structure of your website. With the guidance of step by step tutorials you will pick and install a first demo version of your website and start customizing the header, footer and overall settings of your website.

Your ideal client


In this module, we dedicate all our attention to your ideal client and bringing together what she needs with your skills and strengths. We lay the foundation of the journey she will take through your website and get to know her on an intimate level so you can serve her with her needs and desires.

Visual branding


This is the module for photography and visual storytelling. We will collect, insert and edit images to infuse emotion and personality into your website. You will learn how to load optimize your photos, where to find stock photos and how to blend stock photos into your website in a beautiful way that feels aligned to your brand.

Content writing


In this module, you will write the content for your home, about and contact page while also learning how to use the right words for your SEO so you will be found with your keywords in google in the future. You will also get an insight into how we collect testimonials and how you can the same.

Content marketing


In this module, you will set up your newsletter, work on your blog and decide on a lead magnet for your ideal client. You will also get some inspiration on how to design a pdf worksheet or how to record an audio meditation.

Package your offer


In this module, you create an offer that is attractive and custom made for your ideal clients. We write the content for the offer page, discover pricing and integrate a function so your ideal client can buy your package or sign up for a discovery session.

Marketing basics


In this module, we will discover ways of soulful marketing that fits you and your personality and is aligned with where to connect and find your ideal clients. Setting up a social media account if needed and prepare to write your first newsletter to send out when you launch your website.

Launch preparation


This is the week to do the final testing and have lots of space to ask all your open questions and finish everything up, ask in the group for feedback and prepare for the launch so we can celebrate you and share your success!

What is inside
the program?
The weekly video and written lessons guide you step by step through my signature website creation process.
We will start with branding, shift towards the creation of your website, discover your ideal client, guide you in the writing of your content and inspire you to create offers that attract your ideal clients.
The beautifully designed worksheets will guide you through the creation process and help you in deciding on your brand, how to structure and what to write on your website and shape on how you want to show up and be seen with your project.
The technical aspect of your business will be easy to follow and understand. The video tutorials guide you from the initial setup through the demo content installation and creation towards a finished website you will be able to launch all on your own.
No worries and fear about the technical part, we will take care of it step by step and whenever you will have questions there is a space for you to get answers.
The private group space on Facebook will make it easy for you to share your questions and interact with others that are on the same journey like you.
This is a safe space to comment and give feedback to each other, get feedback from us, and have all the questions that come up in between answered.
BONUS: Guided MEDITATIONS and EFT scripts
To bring together the feminine and masculine and making it a holistic journey for you some of the modules have incorporated easy exercises to support you in your business growth. Like a bonus meditation to access your soul wisdom, EFT scripts to let go of old mindest programming, support you in becoming visible with your website and other helpful exercises that strengthen you on your unique journey.
commitment to yourself
Joining this program means that you commit to create and launch your website. It means to start from where you are with what you have right now and stop procrastinating or waiting for the right time. You probably don’t need another certification or some more training to get started.
What you most probably need is taking aligned action, gentle guidance from someone who has the experience to create your soul-aligned business and a life you love.
You commit to blocking time in your calendar for the lessons, to follow the tutorials and to showing up for you and the concious creation of your future.
Your reward will be a beautiful website you are proud of sharing and a group of likeminded soul sisters that are on the same journey as you are.