What past students say
about the Soulful Website Academy

  • The Soulful Website Academy is a process that redirected the path of my work. It is a journey that continues to take me deep into the heart of my own soul to find the essence and purpose of my offerings. Eos provides beautiful and easy to use templates, infuses the teaching modules with inspiring ideas and spirited exercises.
    It is like a quest. Week by week something beautiful and unique unfolds. Expect to be surprised. I found deeper expressions of my work emerging with each module, whilst being richly supported by kindred fellow creators. I was encouraged to play and be bold with the tools. Initially, the technical aspects seemed daunting to me. However, technical support was close and quick at hand. Step by step I learned the tricks behind the scenes. Knowing I am in control of my own webpage is very empowering. After having completed the website, I can now continue to insert and update changes with ease, anywhere, anytime – something I never thought possible.
    All along I was warmly supported by Eos and Jose and can highly recommend this rich content course. It is so much more than webpage creation, it is a powerful transformational experience.
    Susanne Christiansen
  • Participating at the Academy has opened new space for creativity in my life.
    Eos is like a wise woman that sees further than you are able to see. She spreads creativity with every sense of her being, has brilliant, forward-looking ideas and has a beautiful combination of being gentle and clear at once. Working with Eos brought structure into my work, helped me to let go my fears of being visible and gave me the trust to create my Ayurveda business for women from inside out.
    With the help of Eos my business got a soul. I couldn’t be more grateful.
    Julia Giesinger
  • I loved the save container that Eos and her husband Jose provided. I’ve never received such support ever in a program before. Such an amazing group of women Eos had brought together! I felt so nourished by all her wisdom she offered plus the very thoughtful practices she incorporated into the modules such as guided meditation practices, workbooks and so much more. Each module and every single video felt like a beautiful pleasure to work with – I could easily start from scratch with the entire program. I truly loved every single detail the Academy had to offer!
    This program has changed my life in the best way possible! It not only helped me to birth my vision into reality but also helped me to learn about all the technical stuff I could never have imagined to be capable of. The investment into this program was one of the best investments ever, it is worth every cent, I got so much out of it! It can be challenging and brings you to the edge of exhaustion from time to time but in a good way. The Soulful Website Academy challenges you where you need to be challenged to face your fears and get rid of old patterns and beliefs. I highly recommend it to everyone who is willing to change their business and life around to move things forward in a deeply soulful way. I would do this program over and over again!
    I found it really surprising, that I’m capable of things that I could have not imagined before! It was not only the technical stuff that made it so valuable but the journey itself to yourself. If it was about content writing, visual expression, connecting with the ideal client, each week an affirmation card, or stepping out of my comfort Zone … each and every little step on this journey brought me into my light! Eos has a high sensibility to lead you to the best version of yourself to work with your whole potentiality that I in my case, I was very good in keeping it behind closed doors! I have never felt so self assure and confident to start with my business as I feel now after closing this precious program. I already miss each and everyone who was involved!.
    Hannah Blossom
    Wild Goddess ~ Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine
  • If you are thinking about creating a homepage and you would like to have some independence for future adjustments, then this format is the right decision.
    I am very grateful for all the experiences that I was able to make on this inspiring, nurturing and exciting journey. The whole process is accompanied on one side by Eos in a very holistic and cordial way and on the other side by Jose, the technical magician. I got much more than I expected. It is not only a technical journey to build a website, it is much more of a journey to yourself resulting in an authentic homepage.
    The academy is easy to start, well structured, has a clear timeframe, all different questions are answered in the Facebook group. My recommendation to you: Be courageous and dare this step! You will find yourself in another strength and a big step further in becoming visible.
    Carol Lauchenauer
    Mein bewusst werden

The modules and lessons are about so much more than just building a website. I want to inspire you to take on self-leadership, soul dive, become visible with your full expression and show up in your life and business for what you desire.

If you have questions and don’t find an answer on this page or need support in making the decision of knowing if this is the right for you program feel free to book a discovery call in my schedule and I am here for you to facilitate your decision making and answering you all your open questions.