This isn’t just a guided technical journey
to help you design, launch and update your own website…


…it’s an exploration into the heart and soul of your brand to help you uncover the true essence of who you are, what your business stands for and the offerings that align with your soul’s gifts and talent.

Week-by-week something beautiful and unique will unfold as you navigate into deeper expressions of your work and emerge as someone confident and very much in control of every aspect of your business while being supported by an intimate group of kindred fellow creators.

Expect to be surprised as you take this inner quest toward becoming your true self both in life and your business.

Join us now 
to build your beautiful website, and become clear and confident on all parts of your brand and business.
If you have questions, book a clarity call to find out if the Soulful Website Academy is right for you:
We are

We created a life and business where our passions melted together with our work. My husband, Jose Mortellaro is a magician with creating functions, custom plugins and integrations for WordPress that automate repetitive work. One of his core values is efficiency. Bringing that together with my soulful and creative visions creates the perfect mix for a functional and beautiful website and here you find more about me, Eos Koch.

We both are nourished and inspired by nature and love to walk through the little forest beside our home to the beach with our dogs, sitting on the rocks and looking at the infinite blues of the ocean.

Our intention for you inside “The Soulful Website Academy” is that you learn to lead yourself and take on the responsibility for your steps while we give you the structure, tools, support, and steps on your path of creating a soul aligned brand, logo, business, and website.